Treating ADHD Without Medication

Most Often the cycle of frustration, blame, and anger has gone on so long that it will take some time to overcome. Both parents and their children may need special help to develop techniques for managing the patterns of behavior.

In such cases, mental health professionals can counsel the child and the family to develop new skills, attitudes, and ways of relating to each other.

In individual counseling, the therapist helps children or adults with ADHD learn to feel better about them. They learn to recognize that having a disability does not reflect their real worthiness.

The therapist can also help people with ADHD to identify so that they d build on their strengths, cope with daily problems, and control their attention and aggression.

In-group counseling, people learn that they are not alone in their frustration and there are many who have the same problem.

They also understand that there are people who are willing to extend their helping hand. Sometimes only the individual with ADHD needs counseling support. But in many cases, as the problem affects the entire family, the person with ADHD and family may need help.

The therapist assists the family in finding better ways to handle the disruptive behaviors and promote change. If the child is young, most therapists work with the parents, teaching them techniques for coping with the child's problem to improve their child's behavior.

There are several intervention approaches are available. Different therapists tend to prefer one approach or another. Knowing something about the various types of interventions makes it easier for families to choose a therapist that is opt, easy practice and right for their needs.

Psychotherapy works to help people with ADHD to like and accept themselves in spite of their disorder. In psychotherapy the patients talk with the therapist about their upsetting thoughts and feelings, explore and learn alternative ways to handle their emotions.

As they talk, the therapist tries to help them to understand how they can change in phased manner. However, people dealing with ADHD usually want to gain control of their symptomatic behaviors .in such case more direct kinds of intervention are needed.

Cognitive behavioral therapy helps people to work on immediate issues, rather than helping people understand their feelings and actions.

It supports them directly in changing their behavior. The support might be practical assistance, like helping them learn to think through tasks and by organizing their work. The support may be to encourage new behaviors by giving rewards each time the person acts in the desired way.


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Treating ADHD Safely