Treating ADHD Without Drug

Imagine a situation where you are living in a fast-moving kaleidoscope. The sounds, images, and thoughts are constantly there. We get easily bored.

But still we could not keep our mind on tasks we need to perform. Because of the distraction by unimportant sights and sounds, our mind drives us from one thought to the other .

We are so much involved in the thoughts and images that we don't even realize that some is trying to communicate with us. This kind of state our mind is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder[ ADHD].

The person with ADHD cannot sit still, plan well and finish tasks. To the family and classmates they seem to exist in a disorganized state. But on some days and in some situations the person with ADHD may be fine .

This disorder can affect the person's relationships with others in addition to disturbing their daily life, and diminishing self-esteem.Some parents contemplate medication therapy as soon as they know that their child is diagnosed for ADHD.

But behavioral therapy outscores medical therapy because of zero side effects. As the behavioral therapy is easy to practice and follow it is preferred both by the child with ADHD and the parent of the affected child. behavioral therapy, unlike medication may produce long-term benefits for ADHD children.

Such benefits include proper behavior, understanding their ability. These long term benefits successfully carry into adulthood. ADHD children who are treated with medication, refuse to continue their medication when they become teens.

Once they discontinue their medicine the beneficial effects of the medicine go away. It is very difficult to implement behavioral treatments in adolescents .The opportunity for effective treatment in childhood may be lost if parents relied only on medication at younger age.

ADHD drugs used without any other therapy do not help children to avoid long term benefits that is essential for the treatment of ADHD. the long time benefit of the treatment should avoid abuse, domestic problems, school dropout, delinquency and criminal behaviors to name the few.

Many parents would opt out of medication therapy as the sole treatment if they come to know about the above mentioned information.

Parents and teachers who are interested to know the information about behavior modification techniques for ADHD children can do so in UB Summer Treatment. This UB summer treatment also instruct the parents and teachers to set up a very effective and no-cost behavioral treatment called the Daily Report Card.


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Treating ADHD Safely