Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Treatment Without Drugs

ADHD [Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder] is a brain disorder. The treatment options of ADHD without drugs are given below. EEG Biofeedback also known as Neurofeedback is a Natural Treatment alternative to ADHD Medication.

Over the past two decades EEG biofeedback has gained popularity and has viewed as a viable ADHD treatment alternative for ADHD.

Neurofeedback helps the brain to control its brainwave activity by immediate feedback. Neurofeedback can improve sleep patterns . Neurofeedback decreases anxiety and depression and manages un controllable emotions. ADHD patients generally respond very well to neurofeedback.

But persons with specific learning disabilities or conduct disorders doesn’t respond well to Neurofeedback. ADHD Patients in general need between 30 and 40 sessions to control their brainwave activity.

The disadvantage of the neurofeedback is the cost. The cost of neurofeedback ranges from $2,000 to $4,000. Home EEG Biofeedback machines and patient-directed biofeedback are less expensive when compared with therapist-directed treatment.

Neuro-linguistic Programming [NLP] is a another Natural Treatment alternative to ADHD Medication. NLP works by reprogramming negative conscious and subconscious attitudes and beliefs through a variety of techniques copied from hypnotherapy, linguistic analysis and psychotherapy.

Self-help guru Anthony Robbins is the person who popularized NLP . This ADHD treatment remedy is considered as a medical practice that falls very well outside the mainstream.

NLP has no side effects . Hence o trying this alternative is not a problem at all for any patient with ADHD. If at all NLP works, it will work quicker than EEG biofeedback.

At the same time the treatment cost also will be less in NLP.NLP can be tried as a self treatment as there are wide variety of books, audio tapes and videos available.

Using a trainer is also possible but we should seek out for a person who has specific ADHD experience and training.Behavior Modification and Counseling - this is a another Natural treatment alternative to ADHD Medication.

This alternative to ADHD medication is the most accepted alternative and falls in the mainstream. The important part of this alternative treatment is finding a counselor experienced and trained in the field of Attention Deficit.

Behavior modification and counseling is not scientifically proven methods Like many other ADHD alternative treatment methods. Smoking is not scientifically proven to cause lung cancer

But statistics say so.Similarly Behavior modification and counseling though not proved scientifically, but effective alternate treatment for ADHD.


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