Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Symptoms in Girls

Many people consider ADHD as a boy’s disorder. But as a matter of fact Some studies unearths the truth that at least six times as many boys as girls are referred to clinics for ADHD diagnosis.

But as per some field studies in the general population, the actual ratio of boys to girls with ADHD is 3:1. To understand this disparity we must understand how professionals have traditionally defined and diagnosed ADHD.

For some good old years, hyperactive and impulsive behavior were considered the primary symptom of children with ADHD. Since more boys fit that description than girls, the boys with ADHD are easier to diagnose and treat.

Then in the 1980’s, researchers discovered three different types of ADHD . They are Inattentive type,Hyperactive/impulsive type and Combined type .The inattentive type of ADHD is definitely difficult to diagnose in both boys and girls.

Bright, inattentive girls by becoming super organized or hyper-focused on school work they compensate their deficiency. Such girls often succeed in school, but their private struggle remains very much a secret hence goes unnoticed.

Girls who are hyperactive and impulsive are very rare. The hyperactive girls are easily diagnosed, by their behavior. Some girls aren’t hyperactive physically but they may be talkative.

ADHD in girls seems to spoil their social relationships more than the boys. As per Janet Giler[ Ph.D.] in general males and females follow different social rules.

Female social rules is of greater value on cooperation, listening,and care-taking. Females with ADHD might make them less cooperative. The net result is that girls with ADHD suffer more because of peer rejection.

The girls with ADHD get distracted while a classmate is talking to her. They don’t respond in a socially acceptable manner. Boys tend to be more direct with each other and can solve their problems quickly and more openly.

But at the same time a girl who is impulsive and inattentive is likely to commit more number of social blunders than boy. Mothers in general expect their daughters to act as per the standards of society by behaving politely and by being thoughtful.

This is not possible if the girl is having ADHD. Brain Differences in Boys and Girls is considered to be the main reason for the variation in ADHD symptoms between boys and girls.

Girls’ brains differ from those of boys in weight, size, and the relative proportion of certain structures in the brain. This difference is the reason why males and females have different strengths and weaknesses. This is the reason for the different types of ADHD symptoms they exhibit.

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