Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Symptoms in Toddlers

ADHD, attention deficit hyperactive disorder it is disease of brain. This has its prevalence all over the world. It can be seen in adults, children, boys, girls and toddlers. It is bit difficult to diagnose the toddler for ADHD.

I have given below few possible symptoms for which we can look for. The toddler may cry excessively. The mother may have Difficulties to calm the Toddler.

Hypersensitivity to touch or for certain clothes may be noticed in toddler. The mother can have Feeding problems. The toddler may have irregular eating, disturbances of sleep, and Colic.

These symptoms can lower self-esteem of the parents. Excessive crying and sleeping problems will lead to additional psychological problems for the mother. Hence the parents are forced to try every tip of friends or relatives. Generally those tips do not work.

The television watching can predispose to ADHD in case of toddlers. The amount of television that children watch at age one 1 and at age three is generally quite high.

The toddlers watch television on an average of 2.2 hours per day at age 1 and 3.6 hours per day at age 3. About Fifteen percent of toddlers were reported to watch more than 5 hours per day at age 1 and more Than 6.5 hours per day at age 3. Some mothers report that their child watched more than 16 hours Per day.

The toddler whose television watching was in the top fifteen percent of the sample at Age 1, were 28 percent more likely to display Attention Deficit Disorder symptoms at 7 yrs. The Same pattern was found for television viewing at 3 yrs.

This provides consistent evidence of a Link between high levels of television watching as a toddler and high levels of Attention Deficit Disorder symptoms as a child.

The Researchers controlled other variables that might be associated with greater ADHD symptoms. This is to test whether more early television viewing was associated with more ADHD symptoms at Age 7.

These factors are emotional support in the home during early childhood, maternal Depression, child's age at birth, gender, ethnicity, and use of alcohol or tobacco during pregnancy. By the mother, mothers' education, and number of young children in the home.

It is important to Note that this study shows a clear-cut link between excessive televisions watching as a toddler And ADHD as a child. Parents can allow their toddler to watch a small amount of educational and Age appropriate television.

This study focused only on toddler's television watching habits and its effect of ADHD. A much more deep study is needed to determine whether excessive television Watching at later ages will also contribute to ADHD behaviors, and by limiting television Watching can we reduce ADHD behavior.

A new study shows that exercise improves focus and concentration. Another study shows that Spending time outdoors can significantly reduce ADHD symptoms. Hence instead of watching Television, we can make a brisk walk which will help our brain better.


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