Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Natural Cure

ADHD[attention deficit hyperactivity disorder] can be cured by behavior therapy. This therapy is preferred by many parents as it is easy practice and there is no risk of side effects.

Here are few points bout behavior therapy [positive consequences approach]. It is always a good idea to inform or make the child to understand what kind of behavior we expect from the child.

We should analyze ourselves whether our expectations are reasonable. Expecting a 5 year old child to sit quietly at the dinner table for an hour or more is not fare. This kind of expectation is not reasonable.

For children with ADHD, behavioral expectations by the parent should be reasonable and the expectation should match with the age of the child.

The parent should not try to work on too many different things at one time.It is always better to focus on a couple of things or behaviors at a time that are really important rather than taking on everything at once.

We need to Choose our battles carefully.We must make the child to participate in choosing the types of rewards he or she can earn by being good to the parent. Children are more interested in a program when they have some input in it's design.

The parent must try to create the feeling that this programme is something that we are doing with your child rather than something we are doing to the child.

The programme should be designed in such a way so that the child has a good chance to experience some initial success. If the child tastes Some initial success then the child will show more interest in the programme.

This initial success will enhance their motivation. As the behavior of the child improves we can gradually raise our expectation . The rewards or reward points can be introduced now.

The parent should be sure to provide lots of social rewards such as praise in addition to more tangible rewards. This is a easy pathway to enhance the child’s desire to satisfy the parent. This pathway also increases quantum of positive feelings between the child and its parent.

We , the parent needs to be consistent. We should not change the programme or design too often. The expectation of the parent also should not be changed frequently.Using the program for few days or failing to provide rewards earned will make the programme a utter failiure.

Some Parents are often feel that giving the child rewards for behaving appropriately is nothing more than bribery.But as a matter,we are providing the child a opportunity to earn extra privileges for behaving in a more mature and cooperative manner.


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