Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Medication Types

A disorder of children [also teens and adults], ADHD [attention deficit hyperactivity disorder] needs to be treated as early as possible as this disorder will take heavy toll on child’s life.

The various medication or treatment types are discussed below.Stimulant medication Ritalin is the one of the stimulant drug used in the treatment of ADHD.

The average dose can be 25 mg/ day. 10 mg can be given in the morning,10 mg can be given at midday, and 5 mg can be given in the late afternoon for children.

Non stimulant Some parents like to go for non stimulant medication to mitigate the symptoms of ADHD. Busiprone is an anti-anxiety medication.

It is giving very good results if used for treating ADHD when psycho stimulant medications are not effective. The possible side effects of Busoprone can be tolerated OR controlled with ease when compared to the side effects of other medications used for ADHD.

Every individual responds differently to specific medication.Parent Counseling Parent counseling can be in ten-session parenting class, followed by individual consultation based on the need of each parent.

The parenting class is to increase parents' understanding of ADHD and to help them to follow systematic reinforcement strategies and positive parental attention.

In parent counselling importance of nutrition, problems of teens and the ways and means of solving , and the educational rights of children with ADHD can also be presented.

The average number of clinical contact hours [ parenting classes and subsequent individual consultation] should be for a period of 25 hours.School ConsultationHere the parents will be informed about procedures to obtain special educational services for their children with ADHD under the appropriate federal regulations.

As per the applicable laws, school districts will evaluate each child with ADHD and develop an individualized educational program (IEP) for each with the assistance of the treating clinician. For

Neurofeedback For children Who are suffering with ADHD ,some parent may opt for Neurofeedback approach .in the Neurofeedback approach attention training sessions lasting 30 to 40 minutes will be conducted on a weekly basis.

QEEG scans will be used to determine the effectiveness of the training. This training will be continued until the patient exhibit normal cortical slowing. As much as 43 sessions are required to reach this criterion.

Natrum sulphuricum it is an excellent natural remedy for children with ADHD. It is indicated for those who have depression after head injury, have grief after parents' divorce.

Children who need this remedy will have a strong sense of duty to family. The patients who need this may suffer existential anxiety ,may have a nihilistic attitude toward life and may have sadness which can be relieved by music.

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