Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Medication New

ADHD [Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder] is in general treated by stimulant medications. Let us discuss here few points about ADHD’S new medication.

The drug buspirone (BuSpar) is administered for children with ADHD using a new transdermal delivery technology. The transdermal buspirone patch is yet to be commercially available.

Trans dermal buspirone patch comercial availablity will require FDA review and approvals.When buspirone was given for eight-week nearly 80% of patients were rated by parents and teachers as "much improved or very much improved.

This finding was done by C. Keith Conners, Ph.D., Professor of Medical Psychology at Duke University Medical Center. This treatment is very well liked by parents and well tolerated by the patients.

The parents liking and patients tolerance are very important for any therapy. Unlike oral medications that must be taken repeatedly at home and school, the transdermal patch is applied once each morning.

This relieves the children and their caretakers of the daily responsibility and stigma of pill-taking.Oral medications are metabolized in the liver.

Many drugs currently in use for the treatment of hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder enter this metabolism.This metabolism releases active drug components rratically.

This creates fluctuations which increase the risk of inconsistent control of symptoms.The oral drug's side effects are associated with their peak level in thebloodstream. This peak level is higher than their therapeutic level.

If we reduce these peak levels, then we can avoid a lot of adverse effects. Transdermal buspirone has a great advantage here.A study was conducted by c. keith conners ,ph.d on boys and girls aged 8-12 years who are physically healthy and are diagnosed with ADHD.

Two eight-child groups were given low dose skin patches measuring either 2.5 cm2 or 5 cm2. Two high-dose groups of eight children were given skin patches measuring 10 cm2 or 20 cm2.

The Patches were replaced daily. The high-dose skin patches were increased in size by once in 10 days.As per Dr. Conners, the study showed a relationship between dose and effect.

The two high-dose groups showed improvement in terms of clinical global impairment ratings by parents and teachers, while the low-dose groups showed less improvement. The side effects were mild and well tolerated in both cases.

The adverse effects reported were mild or moderate in severity. They are insomnia , reaction at the site of the patch ,headache , and increased activity level. at times some patients may have severe headache. The another way to evaluate the therapy is analysis of placebo controlled efficacy study.


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