Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Medication List

Whatever may be our beliefs, if we or someone in our family has ADHD [Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder],we must learn as much as possible about available ADHD medication, its strengths and weaknesses.

Then only we will be able to make more intelligent choices when the doctor or psychiatrist tell us about the drugs that are necessary to improve the life functioning of an ADHD be it for a child, teen or adult.

When an ADHD medication is consumed the expected result is very good improvement in the mental functioning of the person, including better focus, more impulse control, improved planning skills and greater sensitivity to others.

Ofcourse the side effects like sleeplessness, growth delay (in children), poor appetite, development of facial or other tics, and drug dependence also should be taken in to consideration.

There are three classes of prescription medications for ADHD . They are stimulants that stimulate the under-functioning segments of the brain, antidepressants that improves overall brain chemistry, and alpha-2-adrenoreceptor agonists that act to reduce impulsivity.

Product Name -italin, Ritalin-SR (sustained release), methylphenidate .Ritalin has been in use for the treatment of ADHD since the early 1970's.

It is the most commonly used prescription medication for the treatment of ADHD. This prescription drug and its effects have been proved by numerous scientific and clinical studies.

These studies show that about 70 percent of children with ADHD, and a similar percentage of ADHD adults, show improved focus, attention span,and learning ability if treated with Ritalin.

Product Name (Trade and Generic)-Dexedrine, dextroamphetamine Dexedrine has been in use since the 1930's. This medicine has been used for the management of ADHD since as early as 1937.

Next to Ritalin, this prescription medication is one of the most widely prescribed prescription medications for the treatment of ADHD. Like other stimulant therapies,many studies reveal that 60 to 70 percent of children or adult with ADHD, show improved focus, attention span, and learning ability when Dexedrine is prescribed.

Product Name -Adderall.Adderall is a new formulation of dextroamphetamines plus amphetamines.this drug was developed in the early 1990's.

Medical professionals of late using this medication as the prescription drug of choice for the treatment of ADHD. It is a combined formulation of four stimulants that gives good consistent results lasting for several hours.

There are very few problems with withdrawal symptoms of this drug.As this drug has long lasting effect, there is no need for a middle of the day dosage.


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