Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Medication Alternatives

Attention deficit hyper activity disorder [ADHD] is the disorder of brain. This disorder has universal presence. Both males and females are suffering from this disorder.

This disorder has its toll on toddler, children, teenagers, adolescents and adults. This disorder is bit difficult to diagnose, as the symptoms can confuse us with the symptoms of other brain disorders.

We need to take the help of an experienced physician when it comes to the diagnosis of this particular disorder. Once ADHD is diagnosed, the treatment usually the stimulant should be started.

There are few alternative medications also. They are discussed below. Clonidine it is an another Alternative to Stimulants for Treating ADHD [ attention deficit hyperactivity disorder].

Clonidine has been receiving exceptional support from parents with ADHD children. This medicine is at present considered as a reasonable and increasingly popular pharmaceutical treatment for ADHD.

It works effectively in decreasing hyperactivity. But this drug unlike stimulants does not improve distractibility. Many physicians have found that this medicine is useful in treating children who have ADHD and conduct problems.

Clonidine as we discussed earlier is useful in reducing the hyperactivity with no effect on the attentional part. Clonidine is often used in combination with methylphenidate.

Methyl phenidate helps to improve attentiveness. Methylphenidate in higher doses has a negative effect on learning. As this being the case Clonidine may be used with Group One or Two medications to increase their effectiveness.

Possible sudden death in children when they are under clonidine may be related to the combination of clonidine and stimulant.Robert Renichel and Charles Popper conducted a research on sudden death in children taking the combination of clonidine and methylphenidate.

Their conclusion was that none of the sudden death is not due to the combination of stimulant and clonidine .The most common symptom of clonidine when prescribed in children is lethargy.

Other toxic effects are bradycardia, early transient hypertension followed by hypotension, respiratory depression, miosis and hypothermia.Nearly 285 clonidine toxicity cases were reported to the Kentucky poison center since 1990.

Out of which 55% cases involved the child's own medication. 106 cases were due to therapeutic error i.e double dose. 99% of children who had to face clonidine toxicity were zero to three years old. 81 children were between seven to ten years.

There few other medications that are used to cure the Symptoms of ADHD. They are carbamazepine, Clomipramine HCL, Guanfacine HCL, Lithium Carbonate, Molindone HCL, Propanolol HCL, Thioridazine HCL, and Trazodone HCL.


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