Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Children Treatment

If the child has been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder [ADHD ],it quite possible that we may be wondering what form of treatment to follow.

in general medication or behavior management or both are recommended.but medication alone or behavior management
alone does not generaly gives long lastiong results.

Medication infact does not help children with ADHD a great deal in their social and academic functioning if tried alone. Behavioral therapy can help to tackle behavior problems that are related to ADHD.

Behavior therapy also doesn't give the benefits if administered alone . but behavioral therapy can be depended if tried with medication.

This may be due to the difficulty in implementing effective behavior-management programs .Behavioral therapy requires sincere efforts and excellent cooperation over long periods of time by the children, parents, and teachers.

But medication and behavior management if practiced together offer the very good chance for successful management of behavior that lasts for long.

Behavior management for ADHD refers to a varOUS techniques that are formulated to eliminate undesirable behaviors and increase wanted behaviors by using rewards and skills training. adjusting the child's environment is a part of behavioral therapy.

Before we start a behavior management program for the child, we should find out specific behaviors that needs to be changed. we ashould be careful in chosing the behaviors that can be changed .

We should not select personality traits to change because they are very much stable.we should try to set realistic target. we need to work one behavior on at one time.

If your child find it difficult to stay seated in class, we may not make the child to stay seated for a whole class period. but less activity can be tried. few other techniques can also be used to help the child adjust the unwanted behavior.

Behavior management programs are very difficult to put in to practice unless the parents of the child are prepared mentally and emotionally.

If both the parents are attending the child ,the both of them should be willing to work together.they should also help each other.we should be doubly aware of what is expected of us and what results we can expect from the child.

Behavior Therapy at Home - Parents of a child with ADHD often get involved into patterns of interacting that irritates the child and increase the chance that their child not cooperating.the parents often enter in to negative exchanges with the child.

This will have very adverse effect on the entire family. the behavior therapy teaches the parent the ways and means of helping the child at home.


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