Adhd Treatment Without Medication

ADHD [ Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder] is a condition of brain.The children are at risk ruining their life if diagnosed for ADHD.

With behavioral therapy, children, parents along with teachers learn skills to improve the behavior of the children in day to day life.

The attention of the behavioral therapy must be on academic performanceat school, relationships with peers and siblings, and development of skill in important areas.

Behavior modification is the important element of good parenting. Almost every parent uses rewards and punishments like timeouts based on the behavior of the child.

Every teacher has a set of rules and a set of punishments if the rules are not complied with. Behavior therapy involves parent and teacher consultation to make nessary changes in those rules.

It also teaches the parents and teachers how to manage an ADHD child in a much better or smoother way.some parents of ADHD children may choose as a first-line of treatment such as putting a psychoactive drug into their child's brain.

Behavior therapy advise those parents to learn how to help their child by being a better parent. No parent will ever choose a drugs if they come to know the existence treatment without medication.

Pelham's a Summer Treatment Program for ADHD Children has been held by dr pelhams,annually at UB since 1997 provides intensive behavioral therapy for children irrespective of whether they are on medication and not.

The summer program conduct recreational events and classroom events. The programme focuses on teaching peer skills, sports and academic skills.

As per dr.Pelham the parents and children loves the program as the children not only get better, but they also enjoy the treatment. this kind UB summer program are conducted at many other sites around the country [ united states] like New York City, Cleveland and Birmingham.

A reasearch conducted by National Institute of Mental Health funded , on children participated in the UB summer program found that children who received behavioral therapy in advance of drug treatment require very less doses of medicine than the children who were given drugs prior to behavioral therapy.

For the children who enrolled in UB summer camp the doses given in school is reduced to half and some children do not need the school time medicine at all.

This is a very important finding because children those receive lower doses of medicine have lesser exposure to the side effects of ADHD drug such as loss of appetite and stunting of growth.

ADHD children treated with medication alone grow at least a centimeter less per year. But Children who receive behavior modification therapy do not have any reduction in growth.

This is as per dr.pelhams study which included parent and teacher consultation. This further states that only about one third children who underwent behavior treatment were found to be in need of medication after two years.


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