ADHD treatment options

ADHD is a condition of attention deficit hyperactive disorder. Few treatment options are discussed below.

The American Academy of Pediatrics, in order to support the policy statement on Diagnosis and Evaluation of the Child With ADHD, has released a policy statement on the Treatment of the School-Aged Child With ADHD.

These two policy statements give physicians evidence based recommendations to diagnose and treat their patients with ADHD.

Among the conclusions and recommendations that are mentioned in this policy statement are that attention deficit hyperactivity disorder should be recognized as a chronic condition .

A child-specific, individual treatment program should be prepared for children with a aim of maximizing function to improve relationships and performance of the child at school, decrease disruptive behaviors, promote safety, increase independence and improve self esteem.

Other recommendations are that stimulant medications and behavior therapy are suitable and safe treatments for ADHD .The children should have regular and systematic follow-up to monitor goals and possible side effects.

One of the strongest, recommendations in the policy statement is what to do with children who don't respond to standard treatments. in most cases if a child doesn't respond to a medication or if he continues to have problems, the treatment is stopped .

He is left to continue to do poorly at school, have behavior problems and poor relationships with the peer group. Instead, the American academy of paediatrics recommends that 'when the selected management for a child with ADHD has not met desired outcomes, clinicians should value properly the original diagnosis, use of all appropriate treatments, and adherence to the treatment plan.

For the children with ADHD who continue to have problems with all relevant symptoms, like inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity, if medication wasn't included in the initial treatment plan, then a stimulant medication may be considered.

Behavior therapy should also be reinforced. Children, who are already on a stimulant medication and are not responding well, may be considered for different stimulant medication.

Stimulant medications do work for the core symptoms of ADHD and in majority of the cases improves the child's ability to follow rules and decreases emotional over activity, thereby leading to improved relationships with peers and parents.

Side effects of stimulant medications are in general mild and short lived. For parents the worry is about the effects of stimulant medications on their child's growth. One such thing is that there is no significant impairment of height attained in adult life.


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Treating ADHD Safely