ADHD Symptoms in Toddlers

ADHD characteristics in the Infancy, Toddler and Preschool Stages are bit difficult to Understand. It is very difficult to make a proper diagnosis for toddlers and young children.

Normal development of the toddler should be carefully evaluated. Most of the research so far has focused its attention on children with conduct problems.

If a genetic predisposition or Siblings with ADHD are noticed the following symptoms may be related to ADHD. They are Excessive crying, Difficulties to calm the toddler, Hypersensitivity to touch or for certain clothes, Feeding problems, irregular eating, disturbances of sleep, and colic.

These symptoms may cause severe mother-child relationship difficulties with stress and lower Self-esteem of the parents. Excessive crying and sleeping problems will definitely cause Additional psychological problems for the mother.

Hence the parents try every tip of friends of Relatives, but most of it does not work. Sometimes the parent may thing that the symptoms might be due to bad parenting. ADHD is a genetically based disorder.

So the mother or father or both might Also be affected by ADHD. Hence they might have additional problems with the toddler's Addax present there is very little help for these families.

It is better to seek professional help from a doctor or psychotherapist. Some times Psycho stimulants are not recommended for very young children.

As per a recent study, the electronic babysitter may on of the cause for ADHD in toddler. According to a study conducted by Children's Hospital in Seattle, United States excess television Watching as a toddler increases the risk of ADHD as a child.

As per the study each hour of Television watching daily by toddlers is linked to a ten percent higher risk at age 7 of ADHD behavior. This is the first imperial study using a large national sample to demonstrate the Association between excessive television viewing and ADHD.

A result of the study with the title "Early Television Viewing and Subsequent Attention Problems in Children" was published in the Month of April 2004. A press release by Children's Hospital provides a brief but clear overview Of the ADHD and its connection with television.

An article in Seattle Times published at the same time provides a more in-depth view of this study. This study showed that the more time the child spends on television as a toddler, the more likely the child was to display ADHD symptoms later.

Researchers assessed the toddler's exposure to Television at the age of one and subsequently at the age of 3. Mothers of these toddlers were asked about the number of hours of television watching of their child on one weekday and a l Weekend day.

At the age of seven, the mothers were made to rate their child's ADHD symptoms using a standardized behavior rating scale. Researchers compared the parent ratings with the Information about the child's exposure to television that was collected during the previous Portions of the survey.

In this way researchers could look at whether children who had watched more television as a toddler had higher ADHD symptom ratings as a child.


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