Adhd Symptoms in Teenagers

There are many types of Attention deficit hyperactive disorder [ ADHD ]. The symptoms and are discussed here.

There are no “Winne the Pooh”, the famous story characters to make us to understand this type with ease, as the writer of this children's Stories would never have created a character with these challenging, complicater traits.

This distinct type of ADHD may be very severe. They require very effective treatment. This type Of ADHD require great patience on the part of the parents.

Few people with ADHD can find it very hard to live. They have very wide mood swings, and get very angry for no reason. The key symptom for this type of ADHD is anger outbursts for small matter or no reason.

People with less activity in the left temporal lobes can have problems with temper outbursts, and aggressive behaviors. They even have violent behavior towards animals or other people.

Temporal Lobe ADHD is characterized by Inattention, like other kinds of ADHD as during concentration there is a decrease in activity in the pre-frontal cortex.

The patient is Easily irritated or frustrated and will show
aggressive behaviors. They may have dark moods, big mood swings and impulsivity.They frequently break rules and fights a lot.They will be defiant against authority, disobedient to parents and others. They can’t get along With others.

They can also be anti-social. They have terrible handwriting and problems learning. We can expect him to be arrested at any time because of his behavior. Patients with this type of ADHD are often treated with stimulants, like Ritalin and anti-convulsants.

For an alternative treatment approach, or an additional treatment
approach, we can consider GABA, an inhibitory nerortransmitter which can act as an anticonvulsant and anti-anxiety agent.

We can very well use Phosphatidyl Serine , DMAE, Pregnenolone, and Ginko as memory boosters to help with the learning problems .these patients are at times benefited by Ibuprofen in small doses.

We should always remember not to use St.John's Wort or Hypericum, as it could make things worse. We can also use ATTEND -2 capsules per day,NEURAN 4- capsules
per day. Two capsules of the ATTEND contain GABA (33mg), and DL-PA (16mg)for mood stabilization.

The ATTEND also has L-Tyrosine (67mg), Ginko (33mg), Phosphatidyl Serine (0.5mg), phosphatidyls (200mg), DMAE (33mg) and Pregnenolone (8mg) to improve the learning.

There are nearly 70 ingredients present in ATTEND to improve learning, performance, and mood.4 capsules of NEURAN which has GABA (240mg), and DL-PA (32mg) can be used for mood stabilization.

For Children we should consult suitable healthcare professional. Using the Neuran along with the Attend will enhance the mood stabilization . These two products together can also help to improve learning and memory.


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Treating ADHD Safely