ADHD Natural Treatment

ADHD is a disease of brain .it affects all age groups and both sexes. The persons with ADHD will show less or loss of attention and hyperactive tendency. Let us look at few possible natural remedies.

Argentum nitric- This is indicated when there is antagonism within the self and the mind is of two wills. The person will imagine devils speaking in one ear and angels in the other. It is also indicated for people who can be cruel and malicious often after a history of being abused or belittled.

Aranea ixabola - This is indicated for excessive teasing, especially teasing and manipulating by acting cute. This can also be given for those who act as a mischievous leader, inducing others to disobey and for those who are fascinated with spiders.

Baryta iodatum - This is Used for those who are irritable, hurried, restless, and nervous. Effective for those who have difficulty in concentrating and for those who have a canine-like appetite.

Belladonna -It is used for those who are forgetful, slow, and have a poor learning ability. Very useful for those who are sensitive to noise, light and have night terrors and fear of ghosts.

It is effective for person who looks wild when angry, have large heads, with red cheeks. The belladonna person often looks well, even when sick. They complain of hot and throbbing discomfort. They crave for cold drinks, made from lemons and oranges.

Bismuthum subnitricum - this is indicated for children who cling desperately to their mothers and are terrified when alone. They tend to be thirsty for cold water. They can have acute stomach pain in which even water is vomited as soon as it reaches the stomach.

Calcarea bromatum is given for restlessness chubby children. Calcarea carb is usually advocated for those who feel unsafe and are afraid of robbers, dogs, heights, and airplanes. in short for those who are afraid of any situation with potential risk to physical safety.

Excellent results for those who are cautious, protective and fears that others will perceive their confusion and think them insane. Can also be given for those who feel as if everything is horrible, and are stubborn and methodical.

Calcarea phosphorica - Effective for people who feel frustrated, dissatisfied, act fussy, peevish and for children who are restless, shy, and fearful. Excellent results for person, who love to take chances, play tricks and act like daredevils.

These children generally feel that they are away from home. Well suited for those who are athletic, love travel, change, and new experiences. Relatively better results for those who complain of growing pains in the bones and tend to have abdominal gas, colic, slightly swollen abdomen.

Cannabis indica: This is used for those who feel isolated, disconnected, anguished, terrified, and ecstatic. This remedy is indicated for those who feel spacy, confused, and inattentive. Good remedy for those who have time and space disorientation.

indicated for people who are absent-minded, appear as if on drugs with a stoned look in eyes and have parents who used marijuana in excess. There are three common behavioral variations of this remedy.

They are presenting as laughing, giggling, and clowning around, presenting as ethereal and airy; and presenting as brassy, loquacious, and liking to dress up in olden-day clothes.


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