Adhd Natural Therapy

Find below few the possible ways and means of treating ADHD [attention deficit hyperactive disorder] in a natural way.

Scorpion is often used for children who are violent if provoked or for the children whose parents fear that they may be harmed by the child. It is given for children who lack conscience and compassion for others sufferings.

These children are detached hence can attack if troubled and are in general indifferent to pain or pleasure.Stramonium is an another thong that is Indicated for children who are violent, fearful, severely hyperactive, terrified and inclined to violent agitation .

For children whose speech is loud, fast, and possibly incoherent, this stramonium can be used. These children will have feelings of terror and abandonment.

They will be afraid of the dark, dogs, and evil. They will have great thirst but they fear to have water. They will have fears of death. They believe that they are always alone. They dread to be alone at night.

They become become very vigilant to combat these fears and become violent if perturbed. They will have nightmares and night terrors that become worse between midnight and 2 a.m. They often wakeup screaming.

They will have fear of animals, and clinging. They are aggressive; bite, kick, and strike. They seldom use threatening language. At times they can have seizures or change in personality after a head injury, frightful incidence like being chased by dogs.

These children sweet all day and have terrors at night. Sulphur is used for children with excellent results who are egotistical, try to control the feeling with their wisdom and hate being scared.

They feel as if they are being scorned and have delusions that he or she has been disgraced. They are messy and tattered but have a feeling that they look fine. These children can be lost in thought, absent-minded, spacy, forgetful, and loses things.

They love theories, dreams, and science fiction. They can prefer loneliness with limited social skills and prefers computers, reading, and mechanical things.

Tarentula hispania is indicated for children who are frenzy, act wild and crazy. They love to sing and dance. They always feel that they never have enough time. They have sense of a stranger in the room. They see faces even when they are closing the eyes.

They are always in a hurry and restless. Tuberculinum is used with success for those who revolt against restriction and want to feel free. They always desire change. They want to travel to get new experiences.

They are always having a feeling of dissatisfaction. Dogs and cats always used to torment them. They always have a feeling that someone is following him or that animals surround him.

They are often uncontrollable, destructive, throw tantrums, break things, precocious; and malicious.Tuberculinum aviare is used to treat those who show extreme restlessness with great weakness, diminished appetite, and tendency to otitis.

Veratrum album is very effective for those who are inconsolable; racing mind agitated actions and are driven to act on impulses. They may at times show religious mania.

They feel that they are in communication with God. They have delusions that they great. They have fear of animals. They are always busy but often without any purpose.

They may have impulses to kiss or touch others. Zincum metallicum is for children who are fidgety and known for restless feet and legs. These children will have a very active nervous system.

They may have twitch, jerking, and convulsions. They are sensitive, irritable, and prone to rage. They often write and speak with mistakes. They can have tendency to lick everything and may look older to their age.


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