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Deciding how best to medicate the child for ADHD[Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder] is not an easy task. Because of the possible side effects of stimulant drugs for children , more and more parents are looking for natural alternatives.

According to the Drug Enforcement Agency, the production of stimulant drugs has increased by more than 500 percent since 1991. More than 50 percent of the prescriptions are written by pediatricians.

The above mentioned statistics make many people to believe whether some doctors and parents are too quick to use stimulant medication for their children.

Many parents strongly feel that it is worthwhile to try homeopathic remedies for ADHD before trying stimulant drugs. The drugs like Ritalin and Adderall are really useful in treating ADHD is because they stimulate brain activity.

But the extra stimulation is the last thing a hyperactive child needs. The stimulated brain activity in fact helps the brain to focus and pay attention.

Few possible natural medicines are discussed below. Dietary Intervention- The changing of a child's diet can be tried to prevent ADHD.but there is no scientific evidence for the effectiveness.

Vitamin and Mineral Supplements-

The use of very high doses of vitamins and/or minerals to treat ADHD was tried by some physicians. No scientific evidence is there to prove the effectiveness of vitamin and mineral supplement.

Candida Yeast-

Those who prescribe this method believe that toxins created by the yeast overgrow and weaken the immune system making the individual susceptible to many illnesses including ADHD.


Those who support this treatment believe that if blue-green algae is used as a a nutritional supplement for ADHD patients, the Severity of the symptom is mitigated. The big disadvantage here is the Possible liver damage and of course there is no proof for effectiveness.

Chiropractic approach -

Those who try this believes that Learning Disabilities are caused by two specific bones in the skull and if those two specific bones are cared properly, the ADHD can be prevented or cured.for this approach also there is no scientific evidence.

Optometric Vision Training-

Those who try this believe that reading related Learning Disabilities are caused by visual problems. EEG Biofeedback. Believers of this approach feels that ADHD children can be trained to increase the type of brain-wave activity associated with sustained attention.

There are several herbal ingredients which act similarly to stimulate the brain, and can be used as part of an effective child ADHD treatment plan.Among these ingredients is Brahmi, an herb that has long been known to enhance cognitive function.


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