ADHD Natural Cure

ADHD- attention deficit hyperactive disorder- as the name suggests the persons having this disorder will have less concentration and hyperactive character.

Some of the natural curing possibility is mentioned below. Capsicum= this is used for those who are homesick, discontented, brooding, irritable, absent-minded, and very much.

Very handy for persons who are obstinate and contrary against something they want if suggested by someone else. Capsicum is prescribed for those who are clumsy and run into things.

Excellent results for those who have difficulty sleeping at night, but they will keep on yawning during the day. It is used for those who can wake in a night suddenly with screaming.

Children who are given capsicum are often seen with frequent otitis and bright red ears. They will have a pale face and puffiness under the eyes. They can also have rashes.

Chamomilla is an excellent natural cure for ADHD. This is very much indicated for those who are known for bad temper, irritation and impatience. It can be used effectively for those who are not satisfied, frustrated, restless, and thirsty.

Works well for those who are contrary means, not knowing what they want and for those who demand one when they want something else. The chamomilla children are often fidgety and calms down as soon as he has attracted attention.

The child wants to be taken to all places but will whine and cry. These children show aversion to touch. They show hypersensitivity to pain and feel that everything is intolerable.

The child shows dullness with a diminished power of understanding as if they were hard of hearing. The symptoms get worse at night. Carcinosinum is other natural remedy for adhd. This is indicated for those who are fearful, timid, unhappy, and worried.

But they are very sensitive to reprimand and music. They may appear dull and disinterested. They are in general very sympathetic to others. They are erratic i.e. they can be tidy or messy. They may love to travel a. They will be suffering from insomnia.

They will have a strong dislike for salt, milk, and eggs. The symptoms in general start after a severe reaction to a vaccination. In mosi cases there will be family history of cancer. These persons have brownish complexion with pigmented moles and bizarre tics.

Ferrum metallicum is also used extensively to treat ADHD. This is indicated for those who have strong-will and persistent fight for their beliefs. This can be practiced for those who have a sluggish mind making it difficult to collect their thoughts.

The affected persons tend to have anemia and headaches. They are often obese. They will have aversion to eggs but at the sometime will crave tomatoes.

Gallic acidum is indicated for those who will hurt their loved ones. They will never have the guilty of doing the same. Generally they are very hyperactive and will have lack of confidence.

Helle borus is indicated for children with poor impulse control, even when they are engaged in premeditated actions. They talk excessively with rage, which may include hitting and screaming. They go to depression after manic phase.

They are unresponsive to questions. They cannot tolerate r anyone talking to them. They show intense and violent excitability with fear, delirium, and the delusion of being poisoned. They may have feelings of abandonment and jealousy, suspicion. They will have fears of dark, dogs, water.

They may have delusions of animals or of being pursued by enemies. They may be smiling and laughing at everything very often. They may show ridiculous gestures like a dancing clown or monkeys. They may try to get centre of attraction.

Some of the ADHD sufferers may love to run around naked and can be a totally shameless. They may try to embarrass parents and jealous of their siblings.


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