Adhd Natural Alternatives

For children with ADHD [attention deficit hyperactivity disorder] the stimulant medication is found to be very effective. But still there are many natural treatments available which can be tried with success.

There are many critics for the current treatments recommended by the medical, educational, and psychological or psychiatric establishments.

There are several books that have been published about the problems of consuming medication instead of concentrating on cultural and education improvements to help ADHD children.

According to Thomas Armstrong, [author of ADD/ADHD Alternatives in the Classroom] the parents and teachers should understand the ADHD totally and develop broader strategies to help children with ADHD.

Armstrong is an educator and psychologist in California, WHO advises teachers to concentrate on the positive attributes of a child who has ADHD.

As per Armstrong employing creative activities that concentrates on student projects, is one alternative remedy to improve academic performance of children with ADHD.

A recent research bring out that children with ADHD perform well in active, self-paced, classroom environments that use video games and computers .As per Armstrong much of the work and treatment in the field of ADHD focuses at the issue from an external point of view.

Though Armstrong doesn't feel that the current medication and behavior modification treatments are not effective for many children, he feels that teachers and parents need to consider what these children with ADHD can do rather than looking at their deficits.

He further suggests that teachers should understand the natural attention pattern of the child with ADHD and focus on their other types of intelligences. By this, there would be a positive shift from what the child can't perform to what the child can perform.

The children with ADHD can be treated effectively by natural means.
Mancinella - it is indicated for those who fear of evil, devils, and being possessed. mancinella is very effective for those who may develop fears or obsession with evil after seeing a horror movie.

It is good for people who have delusions that his or her soul is removed. This mancinella gives good results for the child that says someone is taking things away.

Medorrhinum - this is indicated for those who are irritable, agitated, and in a hurry. This can also be tried for those who may have a racing mind and lust for sensual experience.

Medorrhium is very effective for people who feel a need to hide themselves, because she or he has a defect. For the persons who have anticipatory anxiety, delusions that someone is behind him, feeling that someone is touching their head, fear that something dreadful has happened and a sense that everything is strange, the medorrhium gives great relief.


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