ADHD Medication Types

ADHD [attention deficit hyperactivity disorder] is a disorder of brain [affecting child, toddler, teenagers, and adults] which is treated by different types of medication. Lets discuss about it here.


Children in the Medication management condition received medication treatment only. Medication management begin with a 28-day, double-blind placebo-controlled trial in which the effects of 4 different doses of methylphenidate are evaluated.

The doses given are 5, 10, 15, and 20 mg. Children receive a full dose at breakfast and lunch. in the afternoon half dose is given. Parent and teacher rate the children's behavior on each dose.This rating is compared by a team of experienced clinicians.

The best dose for each child was selected by consensus. For children who are not obtaining an adequate response to methylphenidate, alternate medications such as Dextroamphetamine,pemoline and imipramine, are tried using Non-double-blind procedures in the following order until a suitable medication and the exact dose for the child is found.


Behavioral treatment includes parent training, child-focused treatment, and a school-based treatment. Parent training
involves 27 group sessions and 8 individual sessions per family. The idea is to teaching parents the specific behavioral strategies to deal with the challenges that children with ADHD face.

The child-focused treatment is a summer treatment program. The children attend for 8 weeks [5 days a week ] during the summer. In this program intensive behavioral treatment are administered by counselors who will be supervised by the therapists who conducts the parent training.

In the basic model, the children with ADHD are made to earn
various rewards based on their ability to follow the instructions well, and to meet certain behavioral expectations. Social skills training and specialized academic instructions are also being provided there.

The school-based treatment had two divisions. Ten to sixteen
sessions of biweekly teacher consultation focused on classroom behavior management strategies, and twelve weeks of a part-time paraprofessional help.

For this the paraprofessional will work directly in the classroom with the child. a Daily Report Card is maintained to link the child's behavior at school to his behavior at home.

The Daily Report Card is a one page card. In this card ,the rating of the teacher about the child's success on specific behaviors, is noted at regular interval. This card should be brought home daily by the child to be reviewed by parents. The parent should rewards the child with ADHD for a successful behavioral change.


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