ADHD Medication Options

For decades medications have been used to treat the symptoms of ADHD. They are methylphenidate (Ritalin), dextroamphetamine (Dexedrine or Dextrostat), and pemoline (Cylert). However, most prescription psychiatric drugs always carry negative side effects and risks.

Unfortunately, people generally think medication is the only thing that is needed. For long lasting improvement, many clinicians believe that the most significant, long-lasting gains appear when medication is combined with behavioral therapy, emotional counseling, dietary control and of course practical support.

The Medicines like Ritalin and the other stimulants have sparked a great deal of controversy. The potential side effects should be carefully considered against the benefits before prescribing the drugs.

While on these medications, some children may lose weight, have less appetite, and grow more slowly. Few children may have problems like falling asleep. Some clinicians believe that stimulants may aggravate the symptoms of Tourette's syndrome.

Some doctors say if the child's height, weight, and overall development, is carefully watched, the benefits of medication will outweigh the potential side effects. Side effects that do occur can often be handled by reducing the dosage.

However, this is needed not to be true. We should educate our self on all aspects of the debate before making a decision.A simpler and safer approach is often found with natural remedies (herbal or homeopathic).

This should be considered as a first step ahead of prescription psychiatric drugs. When combined with strong dietary control, counseling as necessary and a healthy lifestyle, natural remedies show more effectiveness in helping to alleviate the symptoms of ADHD.

Some doctors feel that Ritalin and other stimulant drugs are prescribed unnecessarily for too many children. We must always remember that many things like including anxiety, depression, allergies, seizures, or problems with the home or school environment can make children overactive, impulsive, or inattentive.

Few doctors feel that many children who do not have a true attention disorder are medicated as a way to control their disruptive behaviors.

Effective treatments are a must for the children with ADHD as they are the ones who get in to trouble so often at school. They cannot finish a game, and in most occasions lose friends. They may spend painful hours each night struggling to keep their mind on their homework.


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