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As we are all aware ADHD [attention deficit hyperactivity disorder] is a disease condition of brain. There are many treatment or medication strategies are available for ADHD.

Here are few in formations about ADHD's natural medication. Adding Incentives-Praising and positive encouragement alone may not be enough to change the behavior of a child with ADHD who very often doesn't comply with our direction.

Even then concrete rewards and incentives will provide encouragement and motivation for the child to behave properly. We can very well offer a special gift such as a movie or outing to a favorite place for the child, when a specific goal is reached.

Time Out- this means sending the child to a time-out chair or
Corner of a room that has no fun to offer or any kind of reward to the child with ADHD. Time out should be followed only for a serious misbehaviors .

The time out should be kept short period . Two to five minutes is more than enough for younger children. Time out is very difficult to follow with older children unless the child is used to time out from the very young age.

Chore Cards-For children who are old enough to perform work jobs around the home it is very useful to make up a chore card for each work. On a 3 to 5 feet card, we should enumerate the basic steps needed to do the work correctly without any mistake or minimum mistake.

When we want the child to do a work, we need to hand him or her the card. we can also indicate on the card the time needed to complete the job properly. Setting a timer may keep a youngster very attentive to the task.

Support From Other ADHD Parents-Parents can understand and get suggestions for handling difficult situations that arise because of child with ADHD at ADHD support group meetings.

To learn effective behavior-management skills , long-term effort and hard work is required. Progress in the child with ADHD may come slowly.

Getting support from other parents will keep us on track when all other options seems hopeless. ADHD support group can be located by making a call to local Children Services Board, school system, or other serving agency.

Hyoscyamus-this natural remedy is indicated for children with poor impulse control, talk excessively with episodes of mania and rage such as hitting and screaming.

This gives excellent cure for those who are inclined to depression after manic phase, unable to think, unresponsive to questions and having intense and violent excitability with fear.

This is also recommended for persons who have feelings of abandonment, jealousy, suspicion, fears of dark, dogs, water. This is very well recommended for patients who are very animated, silly, foolish, smiling and laughing at everything in appropriately


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