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The usefulness of psycho stimulants in the treatment of ADHD has been established and is wide prescribed to mitigate the symptoms of ADHD.There are many ways for the use of ADHD medication .

Few clinicians increase the medicine's dose until the desired effect is achieved . Some physicians increase the dose till the onset of too many undesirable side effects, like stomach aches or headaches. These side effects does not subside for several weeks.

Some clinicians use other medications to treat the side effects of the psycho stimulants. This approach is not preferred by the parents as this is even more problematic for parents who are already worried about the consequences of long-term effects of medication .

Zantac or Pepto-Bismo can be used to help patients who experience stomach ache as a side effect of psychostimulants.Psycho stimulants are chemical substances that calm the patients with ADHD rather than stimulating them.

We know that patients with ADHD have neuro chemical correlates, but those have not been accurately determined . At the same time it has been asserted that the dopamine and norepinephrine circuits are affected certainly in ADHD.

If psycho stimulants are not sufficiently effective, the second line
therapy can be considered . This second line treatment is the usage of anti-depressants, such as imipramine, desipramine, nortriptyline,and bupropion.

Clonidine is a third-line medication. When none of these
three classes of medications work, it is better to combine any one of
the three lines of treatment or all the three line of treatment.

As per Thomas phelon Ph.D, if the first psycho stimulant does not help the patients will try a second or even a third stimulant. individuals may respond quite differently to each one.

For example some individuals might start with Ritalin, if he does not get desired response ,he may try dexedrine or Adderall or Cylert . This kind of approach cannot be avoided .

But it is always better to consult a physician before changing over to other medications. Dr. Phelan also states that the patients need a clinician who is aware of changes that ADHD medicines can bring about in a patient.

The physician also should know that ADHD is not a disorder in which one medicine or one dosing schedule can cure it completely in all patients.

Patients need to watch for the changes in physiological functioning when they are on medicine. At times the other person [ teacher or parent ] can note the changes better.


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