ADHD Medication For Child

ADHD [attention deficit hyperactivity disorder], common disorder of children has many treatment options. This disorder can also be seen in toddlers and adults.

Discussed below are few treatment options that are new. A concern was raised by experts who attended the NIH consensus program.

It was that most research has taken place for children with severe type of ADHD, the type that includes both inattention and hyperactivity.There are two more types of ADHD.

They are inattention without hyperactivity and hyperactivity without inattention. Though few experts discovered that stimulant treatment was superior for children with the combined type of ADHD, they could not separate the two types of ADHD that are mentioned above.

The NIMH [medical body] invited research grant applications for developing, testing and implementing Innovative Interventions for ADHD in children.

There is a need for highly focused research on how children with different symptom respond to different types of interventions. As per the data collected about treatments for the three different types of ADHD in children, some experts believe that there will be more distinction made between those subtypes.

As per Howard Abikoff [the professor of child and adolescent psychiatry, New York University of child study centre] the nature of the problems is different in each subtypes of ADHD.

There are more controversies about the number of children and adolescents with ADHD using psychotropic medication. There are much more concerns about the number of preschoolers using the same type of medication.

The very important factor that needs to be noted is that there are no long-term studies that have details about the safety of using psychotropic drugs with young children.

Most of the uneasiness about this age group's use of psychotropic medication is the non availability of proof of medication effect for very young children.

For that reason, the NIMH has funded a $5 million for six-site study to evaluate 300 children[ age-between 3 to 5] with ADHD using stimulant medication .this was compared with children [age - 6 to 8 years ]with ADHD who are also using stimulant medications. NIMH is willing to fund another $2.5 million to get the result from the above mentioned study.

The researchers have been designing this study for more than two years. The study will answer whether the use of stimulant medication by young children is a good thing or a bad thing.

Researchers will evaluate numerous details about stimulant medication, including how effective it can be, what are the best doses? , what are the side effects? , and how the children benefit from it over a long period of time?


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