ADHD Children Treatment

ADHD [attention deficit hyperactivity disorder] is one of the major diseases that often troubles children.

Few treatment options for the same are discussed below diet to treat ADHD- L-Tyrosine, which is an amino acid (building block of protein), is found to be effective in treating children ADHD.

This natural substance is utilized to synthesize a neurotransmitter [nor epinephrine] which is stimulated by the use of amphetamines. Other than this many new natural products have been introduced of late into the market for treating Attention Deficit hyperactivity Disorder.

Psychological Treatment- child psychotherapy like play therapy or non-directive talking therapy has not been effective in the treatment of Attention Deficit Disorder.

Traditional family therapy also found to be of limited usage in treating ADHD. Giving individual psychotherapy for one or both of the parents also does not give desired result.

Modern psychological treatment methods, like behavior modification, Cognitive behavioral therapy and relaxation therapy can be handy to try as they have some positive effect.

As per some research one or several of these techniques used in combination is found to be as effective as medication in treating Attention Deficit Disorder symptoms.

Counseling can be tried not to provide treatment but to provide education for the child, which help the family to understand the disorder much better and to cope with it.

Counseling helps for sure to regain self-esteem that has been dented as a result of having Attention Deficit hyperactivity Disorder.New Guidelines for Treating ADHD were released by the American Academy of Pediatrics in September 2001.

As per that Behavior Modification should be tried with medication. Some children are helped by Behavior Modification alone. Modern psychological treatment methods will result in actual changes in mental functioning.

When there are changes in mental functioning like how we think and process information, there are related changes in brain function. Such Changes in brain function results in changes in brain metabolism .

This way,the mental functioning and brain chemistry can be changed without the use of any kind of medication. Some of the recent research proves that changes that happened in brain functioning which results changes in brain chemistry, remain permanent over a period of time.

Such studies confirms the efficacy of using psychological methods in the treatment of Attention Deficit Disorder.Recent research further confirms that Psychoeducational, behavioral and parent education.

Interventions help the children with ADHD irrespective of age, to a great extend when they are recommended in combination with medication or without it. Focus is a cost-effective program to provide these important treatment resources.

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