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Psychologist Stephen P. Hinshaw, PhD, published two studies on attention-deficit hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in girls. Psychologist Kathleen Nadeau [PhD] was happy for that as females with ADHD were finally beginning to receive attention from researchers.

Hinshaw is one of the first to Study girls for ADHD. Most of the studies have focused on comparing girls to boys, using boys ADHD symptoms as the standard against which girls were measured.

Hinshaw's research was proof for what psychologist nadeau had observed clinically for many Years. Girls face significant struggles that are often overlooked, as their ADHD symptoms have little resemblance to those of the boys.

So it is essential for Mrs. Nadeau to work even harder To raise the awareness of the needs of women with the attention deficit hyperactive disorder. Through research and writing, Nadeau et al are fighting to bring the issues of ADHD in women from the outer stage of research to center stage.

Historically the research on attention deficit hyperactive disorder has focused almost only on hyperactive little boys. As per Nadeau only in the past six or seven years the research has Focused on adult ADHD.

Mrs. Nadeau is an expert on the ADHD in women and director of Chesapeake Psychological Services of Maryland in Silver Spring. As per Nadeau this slow recognition of girls and women is due to current diagnostic Criteria.

These criteria remain more appropriate for males than females. For the parent and Teacher to refer the symptoms they had only male ADHD behaviors. Some researchers even say that the disorder does not exist in females.

Researcher and educational therapist Jane Adelizzi [PhD] says that females with ADHD have been largely neglected by researchers because hyperactivity is very much missing in girls. The girls Typically have attention deficit disorder [ADD- the inattentive type of ADHD].

Girls with Undiagnosed ADHD will carry their problems into adulthood. If left untreated their lives often are Miserable. Girls with untreated ADHD are at risk of having low self-esteem, underachievement, Anxiety, depression, teen pregnancy, and early smoking during middle school.

As adults, the girls are at risk for divorce, financial crises, and single parenting a child With ADHD. They never complete college, become underemployment, prone for abuse, eating Disorders and constant stress due to difficulty in managing the demands of daily life.

Fifty Percent of their children are likely to have ADHD as well. Girls with ADHD remain an enigma, often overlooked, misunderstood and hotly debated.

This is as per Ellen Littman [PhD] one of the first psychologists and researchers to focus on gender differences in ADHD. Littman says that girls with ADHD are not identified and helped earlier in their lives because male ADHD patterns have been over represented in the books.


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